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Intertek Product Certification Body


Intertek Testing Services de México, S.A. de C.V. (Intertek) is a member company of Intertek Group plc. Intertek is the World largest and independent testing, inspection and certification organization.

As part of the product certification activities for Mexico, it is the safety product NOM Certification under the NOM standards.


“Electronic apparatus, household electronic, apparatus for different sources of electrical power, safety requirements and testing methods for type approval”


“Safety requirements in household and similar electrical appliances”

“Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus for use in office and operated by different sources of electrical power safety requirements and testing methods”


“Safety of data processing equipment”


“Electrical Products - Luminaires for indoor and outdoor usage - Safety specifications and testing methods.

The Certification Body of Intertek is properly accredited and approved (Accreditation and Approval code: 61/08) by the General Direction of Standards (DGN) of the Secretaría de Economía.

Certification Services.-

In base on the Federal Law of Metrology and Standardization, Conformity Assessment is the determination of the compliance degree with Mexican Official Standards (NOM) or the compliance with Mexican Standards, international standards or other specifications, prescriptions or characteristics. Covers the procedures of sampling, tests, calibration, certification and surveillance (follow up inspections).

Then, Certification is the process to ensure that a product, process, system or service complies with the standards or lineaments or recommendations of national or international organizations dedicated to standardization;

Intertek grants, maintains, withdraws, extends, and suspends certification based on a product’s compliance with NOM standards and technical basis, in the information obtained through all the conformity assessment process.
a) Certification Scheme (modality) offered by Intertek;

The applicant can get the NOM certificate through Intertek, according to the following modality:

I. Under verification based on periodic testing to the product (Periodic Testing scheme MI).

The NOM Certificate is subject to annual surveillance (follow up inspection) and its valid period of life is one year.

According to this modality the main NOM holder can provide a NOM extension, by being responsible of the NOM approval both parties. These NOM extensions are subject of surveillance. The valid period of life of this NOM extensions are the same as the original main NOM certificate. 

b) Information and requirements to get the NOM Approval; 
General information:

  • MEX-39  - Certification Process information
  • MEX-40  - NOM-001-SCFI – Guidelines
  • MEX-41  - NOM-003-SCFI – Guidelines
  • MEX-42  - NOM-016-SCFI – Guidelines
  • MEX-43  - NOM-019-SCFI – Guidelines
  • MEX-44  - Surveillance (Follow Up Inspections) Guidelines


In order to get the NOM approval, please contact Intertek Mexico:
Tel. +52 55   
Luis Campos  ext. 6121

Thalía Díaz ext. 6117

Accreditation and Approval.-

The product NOM Certification Body of Intertek is properly accredited and approved in compliance with the Federal Law of Metrology and Standardization (LFMN), its rules, the Policies and Procedures for the Conformity Assessment, the NMX-EC-065-IMNC-2000 and the Intertek’s quality system.

The NOM Certificates could be:

  • Valid
  • Suspended
  • Cancelled
  • Expired


The NOM Certification could be suspended or withdraw in base on the compliance with the Certification Services Agreement

(MEX-01.1), or non compliance with the certification requirements, and/or the corresponding NOM Standard.

Use of the Brand Name (Intertek)

The NOM-ETL brand name is properly registered before the IMPI and this only can be used on those products which have a valid NOM Approval delivered by Intertek.

After the applicant receives the NOM Certificate, it is enforced to produce a product which shows compliance with the proper NOM standard used for the certification according to the Certification Services Agreement (MEX-01.1).


Roberto Castro
Gerente Comercial / Certification Body Commercial Manager ex. 6124

Intertek Mexico NOM Certification Body

Poniente 134 No. 660
Col. Industrial Vallejo,
CP 02300 México D.F.